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Mexican Food
in AZ

For the best taste experience, we suggest ordering tortillas cold for a big event. Warming them right before serving enhances their flavor and texture. Please note, there is a starting delivery fee of $29, in addition to tips for our dedicated delivery and cook team  and We'll handle the rest, ensuring your event is filled with flavorful delights delivered right to your doorstep. 

Our min order for delivery is $500, also would you like us to 

serve the food for two hours at your event for an additional  fee that includes two servers?, or just drop-off please share it with us and also the number of attendees,  the date and hour of your event, phone number and provide us with your complete address via email We'll reach out shortly to discuss and confirm the best catering food package tailored to your needs. Expect our call or email to ensure a delightful culinary experience of mexican food in phoenix, az for your event. 

 Just a heads-up, for larger or small orders for PICK UP. If you've placed your order online for pick up, there's nothing more you need to do. We'll ensure everything is set and ready when you arrive.


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